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Hartsfield, w stereo:

Na temat w.w. kolumn: W 1955r, magazyn LIFE opublikował artykuł o branży hi-fi, w którym nazwał JBL Hartsfield \'\'the ultimate dream speaker\'\'. Magazyn High Fidelity napisał w innym artykule z 1955r, "of all of the Klipsch derived family, one speaker, in my estimation, is noticeably superior - the Lansing Hartsfield."

1953 James B. Lansing Lansing Sound Incoporated Robert Hartsfield developed the "Hartsfield" speaker as a copy of a Klipschorn

1954 James B. Lansing Lansing Sound Incoporated first Alnico 2" driver, based on Western Electric 594 but with 4" voice coil as 375

1954 James B. Lansing Lansing Sound Incoporated acoustic lens developed by B.N. Locanthi were introduced

These are all interrelated. B.N. Locanthi\'s acoustic lens was first, dating from 1950. It should be noted that this was based on research at ATT labs so that he could not be called the inventor of the accoustic lens. The first model was the small "potato masher" used with the D175. The 375 dates from 1952 and was developed for JBL’s first large theatre system The Hartsfield dates from 1954 and incorporates both the 375 and an acoustic lens.


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01-07-2011, 17:00
HigherFi sprzedaje na audiogonie Westlake Audio SM-1 Tower VF. Nie podali listy zastosowanych przetworników. Po zdjęciach widać super tweeter - JBL 2403 i 2 x 18\'\' woofer - JBL 2245H lub TAD TL-1801

Cena - $149,000.00
Nowe - $260,000.00

Także sprzedaje Westlake Audio HR-7 VNF

Cena -  $24,900.00
Nowe - $50,000.00

Zastosowane przetworniki:
JBL 128H Woofers 12" (two per speaker)
JBL 2122H Mid bass driver - 10"
JBL 2426J - horn
JBL 2403 - super tweeter

Sprzedane monitorki Westlake Audio LC 3w10. Cena nowych $7,350.00

Ktoś poznaje jakie mogli zastosować przetworniki w tych monitorkach?, może coś z seas\'a

...he..znając ich zwrotnicę z wyższych serii kolumn, to jaką zastosowali w LC 3w10.

Westlake Audio Tower SM-1 jak najbardziej na klona się nadają:)


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01-07-2011, 17:06
Pierwsza zwrotnica od modelu BBSM, druga od TM3VF, na trzecim zdjęciu zwrotnice testowe - prototypy. Kondensatory solen-a, cewki własnej produkcji. Widać karton po 18\'\' przetwornikach TAD TL-1801


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01-07-2011, 19:29
Tower SM-1        5-Way Loudspeaker System
Woofer           2 x 18"
Midrange       1 x 12" (Cone/Mid-Bass) & 1 x 2" (Horn)
Tweeter         1 x 1" (Horn) & 1 x 1/2" (Super Tweeter)
Frequency Response ( +/- 3dB )    20Hz-20kHz
Power IEC Short/Long           400W / 1200W
Sensitivity @ 1m/2.83V        101dB
Crossover Frequency              200Hz / 800Hz / 3.2kHz / 10kHz
Impedance Nominal/Minimum       4/2
Inputs        Gold WBT Connectors for Bi-Amp or Quad Amp
Dimensions: H x W x D (ins.)       75 x 40 x 29.5
Dimensions: H x W x D (cms.)     190.5 x 101.3 x 75
Weight: Lbs. / Kg.       975 lbs. / 442 kgs.
Finish        North American Satin Walnut Veneer
Warranty           5Years


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01-07-2011, 19:34
Horn średniotonowy podobny do modelu JBL 2397 Diffraction Horn


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01-07-2011, 20:18
Model TM3VF. Na półkach przetworniki JBL\'a w tym widoczny driver 2450


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02-07-2011, 14:30

Praktycznie wszystko jest na tej stronie www, wiele linków o tematyce związanej z Westlake Audio

W mniejszych kolumnach muszą stosować coś od seas-a, bo widać opakowanie i przetworniki pokryte jakąś substancją, być może amortyzującą


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02-07-2011, 14:40
TM-2MKII z przetwornikami:

JBL 2420 16 Ohm
JBL 2440 16 Ohm
JBL 2482 16 Ohm + kopia horna Western Electric 22A
Gauss 5642 16 Ohm - 38cm woofer x2


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11-07-2011, 14:36
The Project Everest DD66000 loudspeaker system doesn\'t merely reassert JBL\'s technological leadership, design aesthetic and manufacturing prowess for a new generation of music lovers. It literally embodies our passion for music. Begun in 2002 and completed for the company\'s 60th anniversary in 2006, Project Everest is quite simply the most exquisite musical instrument JBL has ever constructed, delivering the highest level of musical fidelity. Once again fulfilling founder James B. Lansing\'s vision of creating beautiful, high-performance home loudspeakers.
LF: Dual 15" (380mm) Aquaplas™-coated, pulp-cone woofer (1501AL) with 4" edge-wound voice coil and EPDM rubber surround, and utilizing Alnico magnet
HF: 4" (100mm) Pure-beryllium compression driver (476Be) with 1.5"-throat Bi-Radial® horn
UHF: 1" (25mm) Pure-beryllium compression driver (045Be-1) with 0.35"-throat Bi-Radial® horn
Maksymalna zalecana moc wzmacniacza 500 W (RMS)
Pasmo przenoszenia (- 6 dB, komora bezechowa): 45 Hz - 50 kHz
Niskich częstotliwości (- 10 dB, komora bezechowa): 32 Hz
Impedancja nominalna: 8 Ohm
5.5 Ohm minimalnie przy @ 85Hz
3.5 Ohm minimalnie przy @ 40Hz
Czułość (2.83V @ 1m): 96 dB
Kierunkowość tub Bi-Radial - SonoGlass (poziomo x pionowo)
HF: 100 ° x 60 °
UHF: 60 ° x 30 °
Częstotliwość podziału:
150 Hz (LF1 6 dB/na oktawę)
700 Hz (LF2  24 dB/na oktawę)
20 kHz (UHF 24 dB/na oktawę)
Funkcje konfiguracyjne:
HF level control (-0.5 dB / 0 dB / +0.5 dB) - w zakresie 1-8kHz
LF level control (-0.5dB / 0dB / +0.5dB)
LF / HF drive mode switch (normal / bi-amp)
System orientation switch LF1 / LF2 (lewa / prawa)
Wymiary (z nóżkami stożkowymi 20 mm): 1,109 (wys.) x 965 (szer.) x 469 (gł.) mm
Waga: 137kg (bez maskownicy)/ 142kg (z maskownicą)/ 174kg (z opakowaniem)

-The DD66000 excels in every sonic respect, with authoritative bass, a pure, detailed midrange and open, extended high-frequency response beyond 50kHz. The DD66000 combines the superlative dynamic range, transient response, and "effortless" quality of horn-loaded compression drivers with the precise imaging, three-dimensional soundstage and articulate low frequency impact provided by the finest dynamic drivers. The DD66000 delivers remarkably natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, and faithfully reproduces the sonic environment present on the original recording.
-Project Everest DD66000 incorporates a host of innovative loudspeaker technologies. Its 045Be-1 ultrahigh-frequency driver uses a 25mm (1") beryllium diaphragm and 50mm (2") neodymium magnet to produce frequency response beyond 50kHz. The 476Be high-frequency compression driver utilizes a 100mm (4"), pure-beryllium diaphragm with a 100mm (4") aluminum edge-wound voice coil, and JBL\'s rapid-flare, coherent-wave phasing plug. A high-efficiency neodymium-magnet motor structure features refinements such as a pure-copper-sleeved polepiece that maintains maximum magnetic-gap flux and delivers superior sound quality at any volume, with exceptional clarity and resolution.
-These leading-edge transducers operate in conjunction with Bi-Radial® horns that are made from dense and inert SonoGlass material, eliminating unwanted sonic colorations. The horns are shaped to provide optimum dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, for smooth frequency response and precise imaging.
-The 1501AL 380mm (15") woofer utilizes an Aquaplas-treated-pulp cone that preserves sonic neutrality while damping internal resonances and providing controlled and articulate bass response. The crossover network is designed to allow the woofers to operate in different frequency ranges, a configuration that provides optimum directivity and high output. The crossover network employs a DC-battery bias system that keeps the capacitors operating in Class A mode, yielding maximum sonic purity.
-The DD66000 features front-mounted control panels that enable precise tuning of low-frequency and high-frequency level and other characteristics, to achieve maximum sonic performance in any system and room. The DD66000 is built to the highest standards, utilizing premium internal components such as polypropylene foil capacitors, and wire-wound and metaloxide resistors and air-core inductors. Extensive internal bracing provides additional rigidity to eliminate unwanted internal resonances.
-The measured performance of the DD66000 is exemplary. The frequency response of the system is extremely smooth and extended. Directivity and power response are highly uniform, harmonic distortion is reduced to inaudible levels, and dynamic linearity is unparalleled.


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11-07-2011, 15:03
Everest DD 66000 : JBL fait sa révolution !

...widać nie kulawy system, a w nim Day Sequerra, czyli najlepszy tuner na świecie wraz z Marantz\'em 10B (a na pewno jedne z najlepszych), i może Magnum Danalab MD-109 jest w miarę OK, ale nie wart swojej ceny, i pewnie o mniejszym potencjale od Marantz\'a 10B i Day Sequerra FM Reference Signature...tylko nie każdy się odważy by takie rarytasy upgrajdować (dla wyśrubowania 100% potencjału), gdyż one są jak stare obrazy.. Nie tracą na wartości i cieszą oko, a w tym przypadku i ucho;)

Przy okazji zażucę linki:


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